February 12, 2016

Smart Shopping

Hey everyone! I wanted to do something a little different today. If you're like me you like to shop. Whether you got a new job, a first date with a fabulous guy or you just looked into your closet and realized everything isn't you anymore, buying even a few new pieces can cost a pretty penny. So with Spring/Summer coming up and Fall/Winter almost behind us I thought what better topic for today's post then to let you in on a few of my shopping secrets.

1. When ever I'm in a store and I see something I must have I always search Ebay or Poshmark for it first.  Great staples never go out of style and brands like J.Crew are always re introducing you to things from seasons past. If I can get this seasons look for 50-75% off you better believe I'm going to do it.  You have to wait a few extra days but time makes the heart grow fonder.  I also purchase most of my cosmetics and higher end hygiene items on Ebay as well. As long as you do your due diligence as a buyer and ask a lot of questions (When was it purchased? Was it used? Whats the expiration date?) you should be good to go at 30-50% off retail.  I always buy these items brand new in box. I would rather spend a few dollars more for new in box than take the chance and in the end waste my money.

2. I shop through the Shopstyle app. I love this app and use it a ton here on the blog and Instagram. Say you find a piece that you love but its more than you want to spend. You log into your Ebay, do a quick search and its not there. Whats a girl to do, buy retail? Umm, NO! The next place I go is Shopstyle. Shopstyle shows you all the product options for your search and the price its currently going for. I fell in love with the top below on a recent trip to Nordstroms but it was more than I wanted to spend. I did a quick search and found the same exact top for 75% off. What if its not on sale anywhere? Not a problem. If you are willing to be patient you can set a sale alert for your item and get emailed once the price is reduced! Put a sale alert on as many of the search results as you can to optimize the process. Want to see which one I bought and the price I paid, just click on the pictures below.

3. I shop for big ticket luxury items on consignment. I love designer shoes, bags and outerwear but there is no way I can spend a month or twos mortgage payments on them.  So I stick to classic shapes, colors and cuts and shop designer consignment. My favorite online store is The Real Real. They have a huge selection of gently used or new designer items from over the last 10 years. Plus they have great daily sales and their end of the month big blow out sale is not to be missed. When you have seen me wear brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Christian Louboutin or Prada this is most likely where I've gotten them from. Here are a few of the items I'm currently obsessing over and waiting to go on sale. I also love The Outnet for current on season discounts.

4. I buy off season. I've said it before but buying off season is the best bang for your buck.  I buy winter coats in spring, silk tees in December, trench coats in summer at 75-90% off. By the end of the season retailers just want to make room for the next seasons goods so items go on deep deep discounts to clear the racks. Take advantage of it!  But January what if the coat I want to buy won't be "in" next winter? Its a chance we all take even when buying retail but with a little research you can get a glimpse into the future.  Right now NYFW Fall/Winter 2016 is going on but we haven't even hit March yet. Take advantage of the internet and look up some of the upcoming collections. I love Vogue.com for this. They have an extensive gallery of collections past and present that you can browse. So if that coats a good deal, the color will still be "in" in 8 months and its got a classic shape/cut - BUY IT!

I hope this little look into my shopping strategy helps you find some treasures and save a few bucks.
Happy Hunting

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