February 22, 2016



 Top, Jackets here & here, Jeans, Wellies (similar), Beanie
Mister & I took a break over the weekend to do some exploring and went trekking in the marsh. The weather was warm and it felt great to be out in the sun.  With temperatures in the low 50s and a slight breeze I made sure to layer up. I love my Patagonia fleece jacket for outdoor adventures. Its a great light layer that adds tons of warmth plus its fleece interior helps keep you dry.  Right over top went my waxed cotton J.Crew field jacket. Perfect for any adventure that has water involved, plus all the buttoned pockets are a must for not losing your keys or phone. You know the essentials that always come with you no matter what.
The plan was to hike down to the lake but we didn't make it. The down side of warmer temps, the ice pack started to melt and the once solid ground was now a foot of mud and water.  Thank god for these old school Hunter wellies that I stumbled upon at the thrift store a few months back.  They were a life and outfit saver. Paul came back soaked up to his calf but I was completely dry. We had a blast and they kids really enjoyed the freedom to run. I can't wait till our next adventure.


  1. I love that teal jacket...the layering is great! Great styling for a late winter look!

    Fashion and Travel

  2. I have that same J. Crew jacket! It's the best. :)

  3. Love those hunter boots! They would be perfect for the rainy Seattle weather I'm living in :)

  4. That jacket is awesome and I love that beanie on you!! Fab location for pics!! xo

  5. Loving all these layers and stripes is always a classic! You can never go wrong!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  6. (1) The title of your blog makes my heart smile. There is nothing better than a bouncy ponytail.
    (2) I live for pom pom hats in the Winter! Well, Winter hats in general ... they're just adorable. I learned this Winter that my three-year-old Pit Bull also lives for pom pom hats as she elected to de-pom pom them all :)


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