November 11, 2015


Casual Friday at work

Installation Part 1!!! Husband working on the stairs. I'll be so happy when this project is done.

While Husband works away I get to play. Working on a new gallery wall for the stairs. Thrifted frames and a can of gold spray paint. An easy and inexpensive way to add some glamour to your favorite photos.

So I have a confession... I'm a project hoarder. I have all these ideas in my head and when I stumble across something that will work I buy and save it. I have been on the hunt for shatter proof Christmas balls all year and I finally have enough for a beautiful garland to hang outside the front door. Everything is getting sprayed various shades of red and I am beyond excited to start!!!! Must finish stairs first.

Another example of my project hoarding. Husband found these frames at the flea market about a year ago. They have been sitting in my office just waiting for the perfect print. I finally found that print in my Grandmas china cabinet over the 4th of July. Print courtesy of Grandmas paper placemats.

All bundled up and ready for the snow. Only when I made it outside it had stopped snowing (insert cry face emoji)


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