September 30, 2015

Natural Beauty with Bobbi Brown & Neiman Marcus

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Urban Decay Naked 2 BasicsMaybelline Full and Soft
As I've gotten older having a go to beauty routine has become a must. Something that's quick, produces a flawless finish and gets me out the door in no time.  Over the years I've perfected my look.  While the products and techniques might change the overall idea hasn't. A soft natural look with glowing skin, rosy cheeks and perfect pout.
For Fall I've been trying a new foundation, Garnier's BB Cream in Light/Medium. I started using it in Amsterdam and really love how it makes my makeup turn out.  Its very light coverage so you can still see my freckles underneath. If I do need a little more coverage I'll use my Lancome Foundation in Ivoire. I take a dime size amount of the product, rub it with my fingers to warm it up and apply like moisturizer blending in downward motions. 

Next its eyes. I start by curling my lashes. I find that they curl better and look fuller right after I've washed my face.  I do my brows next. Truth time, I get my brows tinted and I love it. If I've just had them tinted I don't even bother filling them. If its been about a month or so I incorporate my brows back into my makeup routine until my next tint. Secrets out.
My favorite shadows come from the Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics. I use the same palette for my eyes and brows. It's a smaller palette but it has all the colors I need for half the cost of the big palettes. You can see how I apply my shadow here.  
Finally I add a coat of my favorite mascara, Maybelline Full and Soft.  
I add a warm glow to my face using the Clinique True Bronze Pressed Powder.  You can see my bronzer contour here. Followed up by my favorite blush, Nars in Orgasm, applied in a chevron pattern. Down the side of my cheek above the bronzer and up the apple. Blend well for a soft natural flush. I set my makeup using Clinique Matte Sheer Pressed Powder.
 Lastly, I swipe on lipstick. I love to change the color of my lip depending on the season, beauty trends or just to try out a new brand. I have been loving Bobbi Browns collection as of late. The colors are divine and the product is so creamy. My lips stay hydrated for hours! I love that. I'm sporting Bobbi Browns Soft Rose above from the Limited Edition Trio. All of the colors in the Trio are fabulous. 
The set is perfect for my pale skin tone and provides an effortless, gorgeous finishing touch to my look. Whether I want to sport a neutral lip, using the Pale Mauve or be a little more bold with Salmon, the Trio has me covered.  You can see a few more of the Bobbi Brown Lip colors I'm currently eyeing here in Lady Ruba and here in Black Berry.

Thank you Neiman Marcus and ShopStyle Collective for Partnering on this post.


  1. Love your natural and lovely look! You're already pretty to begin with, but I like that this adds some glam. It's the kind of makeup I like - polished, but not overdone.

    1. Jenn you are making this girl blush (pun intended). Polished is exactly would I go for!

  2. Natural makeup is my favorite! And I love that lip color. I've never tried Bobbi Brown's lipsticks before, but I'll have to look into them!

    1. Karin, they are a new product to me as well. I've been wearing them for a little while now and I love how creamy and rich they are. Totally worth it.

  3. Awesome look. Super simple, but still really beautiful!

    1. Thank you Allison! It is definitely no fuss :)

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