September 30, 2015

Natural Beauty with Bobbi Brown & Neiman Marcus


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September 24, 2015

Style Tips for a Girl on a Budget

Alright who out there is broke. You can't see but I'm pretty much raising my hand.  After two trips to the mechanic in just as many months my bank account is far below my comfort zone. So whats a girl to do when she has limited or no funds and wants to look expensive without paying the price tag.  I've got a few sneaky tips and tricks headed your way!

1. The thrift store is your friend. I know, I know I say this way to often on this blog but its true.  You can find some great and amazing things if you keep an open mind and go in with a plan.  You can read all about my thrift store tips here. Its a must. I promise.

2. Replace those cheap plastic buttons with more upscale ones. I can't tell you how many jackets, coats and tops I have done this to.  Manufacturers want to bring you the lowest price goods which can translate into very low cost materials. It doesn't cost much to buy new buttons at your local sewing shop and takes even less time to replace those existing buttons or snaps.  It's a small investment with big returns. I did it to the top below. I replaced the bow covered snaps with classic cream buttons and took the piece from juniors to classy. Total cost to upgrade was $3.

3. An inexpensive heel looks more expensive in suede. Sneaky right? If you just don't have the cash for an investment pair of heels opt for a classic shape like a pump in suede. Even H&M's inexpensive heels look more luxe in suede. I've been coveting this pair of Louboutins for fall so I'll be on the hunt for a great look a like pair.
4. Invest in a steamer.  I can't stress this enough. The more polished and put together you look, regardless of the cost of the garment, the more expensive you look.  Wrinkled is not a good look.  This is the steamer I have and I love it. I bought it years ago because I hate to iron.  Its one of those small investment high impact things. 
5. Keep fabric in mind. Natural fibers look more expensive. Opt for cotton, tweed, silk, cashmere and linen. Below I'm in all cotton and look suede heels :)
6. Get a fabric stone! This little guy will make all those pilling knits look brand new. I purchased mine at Nordstrom and for under $8 he has saved my life and garments more than once. I use him on my knit sweaters, my cheaper fabric coats, a canvas handbag and a pair of trousers.  The sweater below was in pretty bad shape before the sweater stone.
7. Buy a slip. Again, manufacturers want to bring you the cheapest goods which means buying extra fabric to line a dress is out of the question.  A slip will prevent any wardrobe malfunctions but also give the garment a little more structure allowing it to move and flow better.
8. Keep versatility in mind. You have a tight clothing budget so why not make the pieces you do purchase work for you.  Dresses can work as tops or skirts depending on the cut and shape. A Shirt dress can be worn as a dress, a light cover up or as a layering piece over an existing outfit but under a coat. In my last post I used a slip as a camisole.  You can see more about that here. Below I'm wearing a dress as a top.
9. Get it tailored. Yes its a little more money upfront but a tailored piece that is custom fit to your body shape is well worth its weight in gold. I love doing this with items I've found at the thrift store. Pieces that have mass potential but might need a small nip and tuck here or there. If you have basic sewing skills some easy alterations can be done at home.  In the above photo, I added a zipper in the back to close a keyhole and took the garment in at the waist for a less boxy more hourglass shape. It's one of my favorite pieces.

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September 21, 2015

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