August 26, 2015

Travel Hacks

Traveling can be one of the most stressful things to go through.  Husband and I make a few trips a year and over those years have come up with some pretty amazing tips, tricks and all around life saving hacks. Today I'm  sharing some of my favorites with you.
When we travel we use the Bundling Method to pack.  Basically you lay everything flat, alternating the garments and fold everything in on its self.  Think of it as a clothing burrito. It saves time, space and is truly life changing.  I started this post with everything I was going to bring laid out of the bed in piles according to sleeve length. Everything was zipped or buttoned closed to help avoid wrinkles. 

Then I started bundling. Your first layer is always your most tailored items. Followed by long sleeves and finally short or sleeveless items. Alternating directions you lay each garment on top of each other. I build my bundles up about half the size of my suitcase so I can fold everything up on to itself. 

Once you hit the half way point its time to start folding. You just reverse the process. Fold your last garment in on itself.  Than take the sleeves from the next garment, wrap the last and proceed to fold that garment over the next. Continue this process till the very last garment is folded. Below is a visual of how its done.

This method works perfectly for a carry on. For my regular sized suitcase I did three bundles. One for my heavy items like my coats and jackets. I did a second bundle for my long sleeve shirts and sweaters and a third bundle for my sleeveless tops, light weight layers and tees. 

Finally everything is folded and your done. Like I said earlier its a clothing burrito (and yes I do go around the house saying burrito with my best rolled r's).  The method assumes that the least amount of space is taken up when items lay flat. So by folding your garments in your suitcase and upon themselves you not only take up less space but also your garments will fit perfectly within the dimension of the suitcase you intend to use. 

Another great tip for travel is to have a fabulous toiletries bag. I stumbled across this one in San Francisco at Nordstrom Rack.  Best impulse purchase ever. The bag its self is very slim but it has four compartments. I have each compartment filled with separate items to make getting ready that much easier.  One compartment is filled with just my makeup, the second just my brushes, the third all my hair accessories and the fourth my toiletries. Just for the comfort of knowing where everything is in the morning was worth every penny.

Yep, I'm one of those people that stuffs their shoes with socks and puts them in dollar store shower caps. It saves space and prevents dirt or water from getting everywhere.

 I am also one of these people that organizes their delicate jewelry in a dollar store pill box. No more broken chains or waking up to a tangled mess. Nope, everything is safe and secure in my pill organizer.  For my larger items I use a purse kit. This was another impulse purchase at Nordstrom Rack. Bracelets go in the outside compartments, rings in between the bracelets to save space, and finally my bulkier necklaces in the middle. To protect my necklaces from each other I wrap them in Press & Seal wrap.

Finally I take two extras with me no matter what. You might think this is a little strange but I promise there is a method to my particular brand of madness.  What are those items you ask? A three compartment Ziplock container and my Flipbelt. The container is multi purpose. It helps to hold items, like my watches in the suitcase while we travel. It also serves as meal storage during our vacation.  We normally buy a few groceries no matter where we go.  I can fit a sandwich, some pretzels and fruit in this little guy and you have a picnic lunch ready to go.  That's money I can use elsewhere like shoes.  

The Flipbelt is my other must. Have you seen these? They are seriously awesome. I use mine for running, going on hikes and traveling. I have this fear that I'll get robbed or lose my credit card (its happened so its not irrational) and be stuck in a foreign place and not be able to get back to the hotel. The Flipbelt eases my fear. I can put my phone, my credit cards and bus fare in this little guy and no one is the wiser. He's super slim and sits right on my hips under my cloths. My credit cards can be replaced but I never want to feel stranded.

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  1. Wow!! A lot of great tips! I didn't know about the bundling clothes thing :)

    1. Amberly, Its amazing! I didn't think I could fit it all in but I totally did :)


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