August 13, 2015

Boston Roundup

Off to Boston! 
Jeans/Sweater/Tee - Thrifted, Bag, Watch, Shoes, Luggage
State House dome plated in gold. Umm where can I get a piece of that?
Jacket, Button-down, Sweater:Zara, Jeans:Thrifted, Sneakers, Bag:old
Shipmate Lucy! Of course I find the only seat with a dog under it.
Does anyone else get a Harry Potter vibe here? All I can see is a joke shop :)
Sweater:Thrifted, Belt, Dress, Loafers (similar), Bag
My one and only souvenir from this trip. 
Husband was very proud I only brought back one thing haha.
Leaving on a jet plane.
Jeans, Cardi (similar), Top:Thrifted

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