July 27, 2015

Strong Lash Review

I'm so excited to share today's post with you!  I have been using this amazing product for the last month and I have to tell the world about it.

As a woman that wears makeup on a pretty regular basis I've noticed that as I've gotten older my lashes have started thinning.  Years of eye makeup, mascara, and gentle rubbing from makeup remover has taken its toll. My lashes weren't as soft as in my 20's and they were starting to break. I woke up one morning and a few of my lashes were half the size. What the what! I was not a happy camper.

I lived with it for a little while but it bugged me to have this small clump of half lashes. I tried fake lashes for a while and decided I hate fake eyelashes. I don't like the way they feel, how they sit on your lid, the glue, the removal. None of it is appealing to me. I even contemplated lash extensions but length wasn't my issue and I've heard horror stories about those as well.

Insert Strong Lash.

This little tube, about the size of a mascara tube, is a miracle worker. It takes only a few seconds to put the product on and dry. I could wash/lotion my face in the morning, apply the liquid to the base of my lashes (like eyeliner) and start right into my makeup routine. There was no waiting for dry time or black eyeliner running down my face because the base of my lids were still wet. It was quick, easy and completely effective. It also travels really well.  I took it with me on our California trip and it stayed in my handbag. There was no mess and it took up very little space.

I documented the process just so I could see the results for myself and I'm a believer. After 30 days of once a day use my lashes are stronger. I haven't had a rogue eye lash in my eye or on my cheek. Not a one. My lashes are softer. I can't even describe how soft they feel and how movable they are. My lashes are fuller and longer. Praise the cosmetic gods! Husband even noticed at about 3 weeks in, when I was putting mascara on, that my lashes were "looking good dear." I'm also going to point out that my mascara went on smoother. Oh and the little clump of previously broken lashes has started playing catch up to the rest. I did a little jig when I noticed. Plus I still have 2/3s of the bottle left!

I'm so happy with the results that I've teamed up with Strong Lash to offer readers a discount.  Strong Lash has been gracious enough to offer a 30% discount to Bouncy Ponytail readers.  This is a great deal and a fabulous way to test out the product for yourself for less than $50.  Just click here to purchase and enter the code "BOUNCY30" at checkout to get the discount.  


Thanks to Strong Lash for partnering on this post.

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