July 22, 2015

Black & Blue

Dress, Jacket: Thrifted (similar), Heels: Asos (similar), 
Bag, Ring, Gator Ring: Target, Bracelet: All Saints

Hey friends.  I've been loving the weather lately and its making me think of Fall days to come. The mornings have been so cool, high 60's, with the rest of the day in the mid 80's. Its been a different pace for July but I'm not going to complain. This fair skin gal does not do well in the heat. Just driving home after work, we are talking 15 minutes, and it looks like I just ran for an hour.  So I've been getting up early on weekends to beat the heat. Husband hates it but I just can't sleep in. I blame my Monday-Friday schedule and the massive to do list in my head.

This weekends early morning outfit was pretty easy going and I'll take any excuse to throw on this comfortable dress. Its so soft and I died over the length, just fabulous. I popped on a cropped jean jacket for the cooler hours and brought my tote so I could toss all my little purchases into it. I love not having my hands full of plastic bags. Its so much easier to get out of the car with one bag rather than five.  If you're not a heels girl, this outfit would be great with a pair of classic white sneakers. Perfect for the city girl running to brunch or a farmers market.



  1. You look amazing in this post! Love the hair! I'm the same in the heat, I just cant handle summer very well xx

    Lauren | shynature.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Lauren, I'm glad its not just me. I would much rather have fall year around and the clothes are so much cutier :)


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