June 03, 2015

Dog Park Adventure

Shorts: Gap (love these and these)
Sandals: Dune London
Sunnies: Juicy Couture
Bracelets: Purchased in Hawaii 
Earrings: Handmade by me!

Over the weekend was the first time in weeks that the temperatures have reached 70 degrees. So Husband and I took full advantage of the sun and took the kids to the dog park.  This was their first trip to a dog park and I was kind of nervous about it.  My kids are social and they play great with the cousins but I didn't know how they would react to strange surroundings and new paws. Also Bryce gets a little protective of Olivia and hes a runner so I was just a ball of nerves. In the end we only had one issue. Bryce some how locked himself in between the two entrance gates and started crying loudly to be let back in. How he managed to get locked out in the first place is beyond me, but this is the kid that will wiggle his way through a tiny hole in our gate just to chase the birds in the park. That was a nightmare.  Any way, the only down side to our dog park adventure I got eaten alive by mosquitoes.  Mental note to self - Its time to buy bug spray.  



  1. How much fun is this?! We have a doggy park right by our apartment and it is so much fun. I love watching all the puppies play and interact with each other. Now, I just need to convince my husband to get a dog!

    1. ILS you should totally get a furbaby! They are an absolute must for every family.


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