June 26, 2015

Basic Checklist: Dresses

Winter LBD, Spring/Fall LBD, Summer LBD

Well Hello there! We are moving right along in our weekly feature series. If you missed any of the other topics you can see the post about Tops here and Bottoms here. Today, today is all about dresses. Dresses are my favorite.  I love just being able to pick one piece, throw it on and go. No wondering if the outfit works, or having to pick out multiple things. They are insta-polish, insta-outfit, insta-ease of mind.

My 4 Must Have Dress Types!
1.Wrap Dress - Wrap dresses are super flattering.  They wrap around the smallest part of your figure and who doesn't want to look thinner! This classic shape was made popular by DVF and she has been rocking the wrap in bright bold colors and prints ever since.  I love the modern take on the wrap. Its simplistic and classy.  This white one from Anthropologie is just beyond gorgeous. 
2. Shirt Dress - A household name in the 50's and shes been around ever since.  This dress has a more casual feel but can easily be glammed up with the right accessories.  If an icon like Audrey Hepburn can wear one and make it look damn good than so can you. Most come with a seam at the waist for that hour glass shape, if yours doesn't add a belt or add one anyway for the hell of it.
3. Shift Dress - A Shift dress is so easy. Put it on and go. Go for ones that have great color or fun details.  These little extras will instantly elevate the cut and fit of the garment. If you are worried about the boxy cut, throw a jacket over it that stops at the waist.  This will give you the more fitted look you desire.
4. Little Black Dress - You can't go wrong with a LBD. I honestly think you should have at least 3, one for Winter, Summer and Spring/Fall.  They go with everything. Work or play all it takes is some accessories to change the whole outfit. Thank you Coco for making this dress an instant classic.  You have seriously saved me so many times.



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