June 10, 2015

Basic Checklist: Bottoms

About a week ago a dear friend of mine asked me to help her.  She was moving into a new apartment, with a much smaller closet, and needed to purge but was having a hard time letting go. As she put it "I haven't thrown anything out in years. I still have stuff from middle and high school." Having just gone through a closet purge myself I knew how she felt. She was excited and overwhelmed by the idea of the downsize, but didn't know how to rebuild her wardrobe or where to even start. So she asked for my help. "I love color and statement pieces but nothing is really a statement if everything is competing for attention. Realizing this was a bit of a revelation for me. I'm not naturally drawn to classic looks but part of my desire to take this journey is to find some great basics that can be used to set the stage for my other more playful pieces."

This was eye opening to me and so motivational. I immediately started thinking about how I could help. So, being the OCD type, I started putting together a list of all the must have basics for a grown up wardrobe. That list is a thing of beauty and sparked the idea for today's post.  She can't be the only person wanting to take this journey and not knowing where to start. So for the next few weeks I'll be doing a feature on what I consider to be the basics. Whether you're a busy stay at home mom that just wants to dress better, a college graduate just entering the workforce or you just need to fill some of the gaps in your wardrobe, this feature is for you.  I hope it motivates you as much as it did me. Now on to the pieces!

My 6 Must Have Bottom Basics
1.Dark Wash Jeans - these are a godsend. I prefer the classic 5 pocket style in a straight leg.  I feel like they have the most outfit potential.  The dark wash is great at hiding flaws and making your legs look thinner.  The straight cut also does the same by taking attention away from the thigh area and balancing out the proportions. They can be rolled, cuffed, tucked into boots, worn with heels or flats. You can go anywhere.
2. White denim- I wouldn't suggest these for my friend as she has 3 kids, so keeping them bright and white would be difficult, but white denim is a must otherwise.  They can be dressed up or down and you will always look great. This one piece instantly doubles your wardrobe potential because everything will go with them. Everything!
3. Black Trousers - These are an essential closet staple.  Whether you are going on job interviews, applying for internships or just working a 9 to 5, they are a must. A good pair of black light wool trousers will take you season to season and trend to trend.
4. Pencil Skirt - I love a high waisted pencil skirt. The construction on the piece just brings out a woman's curves, emphasizing her small waist and showing off her bum. It's much more flattering than having a skirt that sits on your hips - accenting one of the widest parts of the body.  Black is always your safest bet but I love prints for pencil skirts. Its an excellent way to infuse a little personality into your wardrobe. I'm drooling over the one shown because its a prefect example of what I look for. Even if it is way way out of my price range.
5. A-Line Skirt - this skirt is probably hands down the most universally flattering skirt regardless of body shape.  It just works on everyone. I love a good knee length A-Line.  If you are in your 20's you can get away with a higher hem but I highly recommend a hem that hits the knee.  Its a little more conservative but much more office and age appropriate. I love the light blush color of the one pictured.  This would also be a great option in a colored leather if  you are going for a more edgy style.
6. Shorts- Not office worthy but oh so weekend and vacation worthy! Leave a little to the imagination with a 5" inseam. Any shorter and they are staring for all the wrong reasons. If you find a pair that you love but they are longer (think bermuda shorts) just give them a roll or two and you are ready to go.



  1. Great ideas. I only have the one basic-maybe two, but when I get in shape and look better in things I'll definitely be getting the others.

    1. Miss Angie. Make sure to stay put for the remaining features!

  2. I just now got a pair of white denim. I'm obsessed! I've been dreading wearing white bottoms for awhile since I'm always afraid of staining, but I seriously have been missing out!

    Great checklist, I think I have all of them.

    1. Jules, congrats on the white denim. I just finally got my first pair as well and it was life changing.

  3. This is awesome! I always need great tips like this for my closet. I have to admit, I don't think my legs look good in white denim, but I'm willing to give it a shot. Such cute clothes too!

    1. ILS. Its all about the cut of the jeans. If you don't like the look of your legs I would suggest staying away from Skinny cuts. A more relaxed fit throughout the leg might be more flattering for you. Try a straight leg or girlfriend jean. xoxo


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