May 01, 2015

Where In the World?



So today's the big day.  As you are reading this Husband and I are on our way to......drum roll please.....San Francisco!  We are both very excited and ready for a much needed break.  Little does Husband know our trip is going to be packed with things to see and do.  We are only going to be there 4 days but I'm going to make every day count.

Flying within the US means its time to bust out the carry on.  I generally have a hard time packing.  On one hand I want to bring enough pieces with me to have options. On the other I keep telling myself "You always come home with more than when you left." It's very true. My travel souvenirs tend to be accessories, scarfs and/or bags...more "and" than "or".  They just mean more to me. Every time I use them I'm reminded of where they came from and the fun I had. 

This trip I'm keeping things pretty basic.  I'm bringing a few comfortable staples and personalizing with minimalist accessories. I'll have with me two pairs of pants, four tops, my favorite all weather trench, a hat, two pairs of sneakers, my thrifted denim jacket and a cross body bag. No skirts or dresses on this trip.  Its a go go gadget kinda long weekend so pants are a must. 

I've also packed a few of my favorite pint size travel essentials.  When you have limited space a product that can do more than one thing is a must. This Too Faced compact has my bronzer, blush, concealer and brightener all in one fantastic package. Plus a girl can't leave home without her favorite moisturizer and sunscreen duo.

Stay tuned for all the trip details and how I turned these pieces into outfits.  Follow me on Instagram for all our goings about town.

Happy Friday!


  1. How fun! I hope you have a great time. We went last year and it was really fun. Hope you packed warm. The wind there is crazy! Should be a great trip!

    1. ILS the wind today was crazy. My poor hair :(

  2. I'm a terrible packer! I ALWAYS overpack. But at least everyone has plenty of underwear, you know, "just in case." HA!

    1. Jill extra clean undies is a must in my book!


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