March 20, 2015

Product Review: Target's 1 Hour Intense Whitening

Let me begin by saying that Target has in no way sponsored this post. When I find a beauty item that works well and isn't expensive, well I just have to share. All the opinions here are my own and are truthful. To begin you should know that I drink a lot of coffee. I have red wine with dinner occasionally and I do not smoke.

I got my teeth cleaned and noticed that they weren't as sparkly as I would like.  So I headed to my local Target where I stood in the Oral Care aisle for what felt like forever. Looking over all the products I decided I wanted something quick that would provide results.  I don't have the time to whiten my teeth for a week let alone a two hour block. I finally settled on Target's 1 Hour Intense Whitening kit. The price came in at under $13, it was on sale, and comes with the items you see listed.

A few days after the cleaning, I used the product.  First step, accelerator rinse - easy to open but didn't taste great.  What do you expect though with a whitening rinse. Step 2 - Whitening.  The trays come in sets of two, a lower and an upper.  I don't know if I would call them trays as they weren't plastic but more like wax. Getting them out of the protective wrapping was difficult.  My pull tabs kept breaking off.  Still not a deal breaker.  I placed the trays on my teeth and waited the allotted time. In that time, I took a shower and rough dried my hair.  The waxy trays really stuck to my teeth and took a little effort to remove.  Nothing painful just not as easy as I would have liked. Step 3 - repeat step 1. Step 4 - repeat step 2. Step 5 - Whitening rinse and done.

My teeth were whiter but not as white as I had hoped for. They did get brighter as the night went on.  I experienced some gum sensitivity which lasted for a few days. The husband was impressed with the results. So much so that he bought a kit for himself. I would say for the price, this is a great product.  Its not going to erase 14 years of stains like some of the Crest products advertise but I believe it works just as well. I like that it came in a wax tray rather than a strip. I liked that I could do things like shower/wash my face and I didn't fear that the product was going to leak out. The only thing I didn't like - because the trays were wax they stuck to themselves after a few mins. If you buy these just make sure your bite is how you want it otherwise you are going to be in some discomfort for the remaining time.

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  1. I just tried using these. I ran across you're review. My teeth are not as white as I would of liked. I hope they brighten over night

    1. Hey Jasmine. Thanks for reading the review and trying out the product xoxo

  2. Your review is spot on. It says every six months. I am going to try one tray instead of both weekly for a while. At $11 on sale, that would be only 22 dollars for the month. Hoping weekly treatments for a month make a difference.

    1. Thanks for the comment Chrislyn. Thats a great idea. Keep in touch and let me know if it works. xoxo

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  4. I have very white teeth. This month I settled on this product simply because of the cheap price. I am VERY happy with the results and would use again!


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