March 27, 2015

Banana Love

Ikat shirt/Jeans/Nail Bangle
Lace-up Heels/Yellow Dress/Shorts
Ciao/Skirt/Pink Pump
Blazer/XO Bangle
If you have followed this blog the past few months than you know I'm IN LOVE with Banana Republic. Absolutely head over heels in love.  Its not even possible for me to love them more, or so I thought. The first collection by Creative Director Marissa Webb just went live and its so so good. Its taking every fiber of my being to resist the urge to drive to City Creek and buy all the items in my shopping cart. I showed the Husband my wish list and his jaw dropped at the total. Friends..its really bad. So now I wait for a sale so I can pick up all my must haves while saving a few bucks.  The Husband said I should get a Banana Card, card holders get 30% off right now.  I promptly told him how bad that would be.  Here's a little fun fact about me - I don't spend money I don't have. I hate paying interest so if I can't pay it off at the end of two weeks than the plastic stays in the purse.  So, I'm patiently waiting and by patiently I mean tapping my feet against the floor and refreshing my browser every day :)

Above are a few of my must haves from the new Spring collection.


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