January 20, 2015

New Year, New Milestone, New project.. Oh My!

Hey everyone.

When I was a tiny tot my Grandmother would take my sister and I back to school shopping every year at the local children's clothing exchange. I would come home with a bag of new to me things, Grandma would pay practically nothing and every year a fashion show would commence.

As you probably guessed my love of fashion started at a very young age and has influenced my style ever since. I buy quality over quantity, live by the mantra "Less Is More" and have learned what pieces to splurge on and what to thrift for while always never paying full price.

This brings us to today and a new project. I have been dreaming of doing this for years but never had the guts. Finally, a girl friend of mine convinced me it was time. I want this site to be all about fashion and looking fabulous at every price point. You don't have to spend thousands of dollars to look like a Million bucks. Just knowing what to look for and what to save on is half the battle.

These are my adventures.


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